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Together we connect the dots.

We are leaders of innovation humans can trust, with an ambition to release the real power of ethical AI. As a Centre of Excellence, we do not only wish to apply methods, but to be at the cutting edge of ethical and sustainable AI solutions, methods, definitions, and insights.

Therefore, we make it crucial to operate as a data-driven centre, and constantly leverage the data from our tools together with our team’s diverse knowledge to generate unique insights and ways to walk the talk.

But it is also very much a joint effort, with an entire community of research efforts. As a result, we take AI to the next level – a hybrid approach of research, advisory services and our extensive partnership network for essential insights and groundbreaking products that are ethically validated unlike any other.

Together we connect the dots. If you are interested in being part of the journey, please contact us at

Thesis and internship openings

We are recruiting interns and thesis students interested in sustainable and ethical AI. You will be assigned to a research and innovation project, aligned with your individual interests, background, and skills while working together with experienced researchers and experts in ethical AI.

Meet our research team

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