The Offering

Ethical AI in practice.

Ready for the new EU proposal on AI regulation? This way forward.

We have a unique method to guide you forward today – aligned with the upcoming EU codes and regulations for tomorrow. Ethical AI from words to action is a hands-on experience on several levels. For this, we have developed a framework, tools and services in collaboration with some of the world’s top research institutes and cutting edge organizations within AI.

Every organization is unique, but one thing’s for sure: innovation humans can trust always starts with you. Together we detect and handle your challenges before we enable the opportunities.


From risk mitigation to business opportunity.

There are several entry points towards ethical and sustainable AI but our methodology consists of three main phases. Here’s how it works:



The discovery phase.



First things first: our quick AI Health Check is available for all and provides a first, general awareness of your organization’s overall exposure to ethical risks.


The context?

Next step is a deep dive: our Ethical AI Profiler is an in-depth self-assessment completed by a variety of roles and functions across your organization. The results are your exposure to ethical and societal risks. The Profiler also provides a gap analysis indicating how well integrated your organization’s governance structures are performing on a particular AI solution. Additionally, a custom analysis can include assessing gender discrimination and/or Human Rights.


the extent?

Based on the result from the Ethical Profiler, our risk heat map helps determine which specific ethical and societal risks scenarios are likely to occur and what the impact and root cause of those scenarios could be. The focus is on identifying positive and negative impacts on people and society, and prioritizing scenarios for risk mitigation activities.



The action phase.


To be done?

Specific measures, including both technical and non-technical solutions, are identified to reduce, or avoid, ethical risks. Implementing these recommendations turns risk mitigation into business opportunities.


At Stake?

We conduct stakeholder engagement assessments to gather valuable feedback from your most important stakeholders. Our approach targets minimizing negative impacts on society. As a neutral third party, we facilitate multi stakeholder trust-building in order to gather valuable feedback from your most important stakeholders.



The empowerment phase.


The value?

Together we release the real power of AI through innovation and market ready solutions that customers, clients, employees, investors, and other humans can trust. We help you implement AI ethical principles, AI ethical boards, including audits, that will sustain a frictionless highway for AI innovations that live up to human values.

The AI Sustainability Center Roadmap to Ethical AI is just the beginning.

Along the way our offerings also include: research collaboration, board and executive management training in AI ethics, Maturity Index based on insights from the AI Sustainability Center’s database, and seminars with thought leaders in the industry.

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