Equality and inclusion

Recruitment agency using AI to match job seekers with employers

Using AI drastically increased the client’s capacity to profile, recommend and match job seekers with job opportunities by eliminating time intensive, repetitive, high volume manual tasks. They could fill more jobs and employ more job seekers at a faster rate while also reducing human bias when profiling and matching job seekers.


Job seekers felt that they were unfairly treated in how the AI tools were profiling and matching them. As the firm saw an increase in complaints, job seekers started opting out of their recruitment system altogether.


Job seekers were more willing to opt in, share their information, and use the job matching tool. With more customers opting in, the recruitment agency could continue advancing their AI strategy by innovating and developing more AI based products and services.


The CEO and CIO had recently launched their AI strategy and invested significant resources towards implementing AI in their core business. This required that customers continue sharing their data and partaking in AI enabled services.

How to

Using the AI Sustainability Center’s Ethical AI Profiler as an independent assessment of their AI profiling and matching tool, the recruitment agency discovered they were exposed to risks, such as: privacy intrusion and discrimination. The client addressed these risks by clearly explaining how their algorithms made predictions about job seekers in order to match them with job opportunities.