Gaming company using AI to analyze players’ gaming and gambling patterns

Using AI to to better understand their customers and gather real-time insights on how they were using their products, as well as discover and predict irregular gaming and gambling behavior.


The AI application was a “black box” which meant they were unable to explain the model’s outputs. They were concerned about the unintentional consequences of this lack of transparency and explainability in their tool.


The organization was prepared for upcoming AI/data regulations, while also prevented the unintentional manipulation of gamblers/gamers.


The client was concerned that this could threaten their brand reputation and they wanted to be recognized as a market leader in responsible gaming and gambling.

How to

The Ethical AI Profiler revealed existing and potential risks, including: privacy intrusion and manipulation/behavior nudging which could lead to gaming or gambling addiction. To address and mitigate these risks, a governance model was established with policies to ensure all AI tools had the right level of explainability in order to be transparent, preserve privacy, and maintain trust among stakeholders.