Education start up using AI for personalized learning

Using AI enabled the client to develop custom individualized course materials and curriculums, resulting in students learning faster and more effectively.


The client recognized that preserving the trust of their stakeholders was crucial for a successful launch of their company and product. The company had basic awareness of what ethical AI was, but needed support in defining the right strategy for them. The team also lacked an understanding of how to integrate an ethical AI strategy within their current organization.


By establishing an ethical AI strategy that included guiding principles, the organization aligned on what ethical AI meant for them. Complemented by a systematic method which operationalized the strategy, the client saw the trust and support of their employees increase in their vision to use AI for individualized learning.


Being an ethical AI company, a “glass box start-up,” from the time of launch gave the client a unique market position. With increased trust from internal stakeholders, the client was also able to preserve talent and continue developing their AI products and services.

How to

AI Sustainability Center facilitated the development of a customized ethical AI strategy, supported by a systematic method to ensure adherence to the strategy. A rigorous gap analysis of current processes and ways of working was conducted, which concluded with recommendations on what needed to be improved and what was already being done.