Telecommunication corporation utilizing mobility data in product innovation

Using mobility data offered new opportunities for product innovation, while at the same time left the company at risk of violating customer privacy.

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Equality and inclusion

Recruitment agency using AI to match job seekers with employers

Using AI drastically increased the client’s capacity to profile, recommend and match job seekers with job opportunities by eliminating time intensive, repetitive, high volume manual tasks. They could fill more jobs and employ more job seekers at a faster rate while also reducing human bias when profiling and matching job seekers.

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Education start up using AI for personalized learning

Using AI enabled the client to develop custom individualized course materials and curriculums, resulting in students learning faster and more effectively.

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Gaming company using AI to analyze players’ gaming and gambling patterns

Using AI to to better understand their customers and gather real-time insights on how they were using their products, as well as discover and predict irregular gaming and gambling behavior.

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